Your safety and the safety of all Causr users is extremely important to us. Our vision is to make a difference in the world and create millions of meaningful connections for people nearby all around the world everyday. To be able to do this we want to build a community that is open and trusting, bringing liked minded people together with shared passions and common interests.

Below are some guidelines to be aware of relating to safety when meeting people. These are not intended to be exhaustive, but we hope they are useful to you.

Keep your personal information personal

Keep your identity as personal as possible until you feel ready to pass on more information. Don't share information for example your home address, account information or passwords that could be used against you.

Keep your financial information private.

There is no reason to send someone money, all requests must be presumed as a scam and must be reported immediately to Causr. Never give out your bank details or credit card numbers or other bank or card details to anyone on Causr.

Spam/Scammers There are red flags to watch out for that may indicate you're dealing with a scammer. Be aware of anyone who:

Sends you messages with links to a third-party website/app
Requests instantly to speak outside of Causr
Requests money for any reason
Asks for your address / room number / exact location without suggesting a safe place to meet first

Report suspicious users or potential scammers.

Please report to Causr anyone who violates our terms of use. Causr is always on the hunt to keep all connections real but as with everything, no systems are perfect. We will respond swiftly and take such appropriate action as we deem necessary against anyone you report.

Meeting In Person

Get to know the other person before meeting them offline where possible
Always meet in a public place with other people present.
Tell a friend - Inform a friend or family member of your plans.
Make your own way to and from the first meeting, do not let someone pick you up if you have never met them.
If you are a business traveller, making new connections and meeting can be a fast process, always meet in a hotel lobby / bar and feel no pressure to go anywhere else.
Making a new connection at an airport for a taxi? Make sure your belongings are kept safe and on your person at all times.
We don't conduct criminal background checks on our users, so it's up to you to do your own research if you have any concerns and remain cautious.

If you have any questions or we can help with anything feel free to email